Human resources, infrastructures, investments in strategic companies and cooperations, quality and safety are the main topics on which Camuna Idroelettrica develops its policy.
Staff training and continuous updating on new operative strategies, as well as innovative equipment for production optimization, are elements which allow to keep elevate quality standards monitored through Quality System Uni En ISO 9001/2000, in addition to the strong commitment to protect its operating personnel thanks to the Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007.
This philosophy allows Camuna Idroelettrica to introduce itself as a highly trustable and competent partner for all problems involved with construction and management of hydropower plants.

Turnkey solutions

Competence, knowledge of problems, acquired experiences make Camuna Idroelettrica as leader for who wants to build or revamp an efficiently hydropower plant in achieving timing, costs restraint and, main important thing, within the expected productive parameters.
Thanks to experience, Camuna Idroelettrica can be a single source for the study, construction and management of hydropower plants, from the intake down to the tailrace.

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